Glue gun carry case

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My boyfriend got a portable hot glue gun for Christmas.

It came with a charging cable and some glue, but no carrying case. Well, then we simply have to make one. I wanted to make something in the style of a “folder”. Maybe something similar to this:

Okay, can’t spend more than 2 minutes planning. Let’s go!

I used some cheap fabric I bought from the leftover bin at the hobby store.
I have never done anything like this before, so I learned as I went along. Firstly I made the pocket for the glue sticks, then I sewed some elastic bands to hold the glue gun.
I tried to make the pockets with “tall” walls along the edge. That way they will be easier to fill with glue sticks. The pocket at the far end of the picture, I tried to make with a different method. As you can see, this pocket does not have a long strip to make this “wall”. Instead, I sewed a small flap at the bottom of the pocket.
This is the finished layout. To the left is a pocket for the charger cable, and to the right is the glue gun, and a pocket for the glue rods. The bottom elastic fastening the glue gun is my hairband.
I found some black nylon fabric to use on the outside of the folder. To make it stiffer, I sandwiched some thick cardboard between the inside and outside fabric.

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